Collection: Long Kurtas

  • Golden Ivory Delight Golden Ivory Delight
    Quickshop Celebrate the season in ethereal elegance with our Golden Ivory Delight kurta,...
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    Golden Ivory Delight
    Regular price ₹3,199.00 ₹5,599.00 Sale price
  • Sunshine Ombre Charm Kurta Sunshine Ombre Charm Kurta
    Quickshop Step into a world of enchanting charm with our Sunshine Ombre Charm...
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    Sunshine Ombre Charm Kurta
    Regular price ₹3,099.00 ₹5,899.00 Sale price
  • Peachy Mul Cotton Bloom Kurta Peachy Mul Cotton Bloom Kurta
    Quickshop Bloom with joy in our Peachy Mul Cotton Bloom kurta, featuring delicate...
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    Peachy Mul Cotton Bloom Kurta
    Regular price ₹2,499.00 ₹3,599.00 Sale price
  • Vanaspati Whisper Kurta Vanaspati Whisper Kurta
    Quickshop where nature's poetry comes to life on the canvas of organic hues....
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    Vanaspati Whisper Kurta
    Regular price ₹3,249.00 ₹6,525.00 Sale price
  • Sky Shimmer Elegance Sky Shimmer Elegance
    Quickshop Dazzle under the celestial glow with our Sky Shimmer Elegance kurta, a...
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    Sky Shimmer Elegance
    Regular price ₹3,149.00 ₹5,649.00 Sale price
  • Botanical Bliss Kurta Botanical Bliss Kurta
    Quickshop Adorn yourself in the bliss of nature with our Botanical Bliss kurta,...
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    Botanical Bliss Kurta
    On sale from ₹2,099.00
  • Rosy Floral Dream Kurta Rosy Floral Dream Kurta
    Quickshop Unveil the beauty of a dream with our Rosy Floral Dream kurta,...
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    Rosy Floral Dream Kurta
    Regular price ₹2,099.00 ₹3,499.00 Sale price
  • Golden Sand Grace Golden Sand Grace
    Quickshop Radiate warmth and joy this festive season in our Golden Sand Grace...
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    Golden Sand Grace
    Regular price ₹3,099.00 ₹5,649.00 Sale price
  • Verdant Copper Chic Kurta Verdant Copper Chic Kurta
    Quickshop Elevate your festive wardrobe with our Verdant Copper Chic kurta, a mesmerizing...
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    Verdant Copper Chic Kurta
    Regular price ₹3,199.00 ₹5,599.00 Sale price